Virginal beauty: PURE DMX-50

We've all seen DABs before, but have we all seen baby DABs? Like the elusive baby pigeon, the mini-system DAB is a rarely spotted creature. But when it comes out to play the troubles of the world evaporate

Chris Stevens

Famous for its kitchen radio designs, PURE is to digital radio what Cadbury is to chocolate.

This is the company's latest foray into the world of DAB, but unlike previous designs the DMX-50 is a full-blown mini-system hi-fi with integrated stereo amplifer and CD player. PURE has proven itself in the DAB tuner field, but can it pull off the more adventurous task of an all-inclusive solution to your home entertainment?

At first touch, the DMX-50 is impressively heavy -- we particularly like the boldness of the speakers, which are often the weakest link in any mini-system design. PURE has resisted the temptation to bundle a pair of cheap chipboard squealers with the DMX-50, and instead opted for a hardy duo of rock-solid muscle cabs.

Full marks for the cabinets themselves, but 3 out of 10 for the speaker wire bindings -- they're the annoying clip type. We preferred the sturdy screw bindings of the Yamaha CRX-M170. If you want to find out how the DMX-50 sounds in action, watch out for our full review over the coming week. -CS

Update: a full review of the PURE Digital DMX-50 is now live.