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ViewSonic PJ258D iPod projector: Podcasts on your ceiling

ViewSonic's iPod Projector will fire all of your favourite iPod videos on to the nearest projection screen or ceiling. All it takes is £600 and, well, an iPod

High-definition projectors are ten a penny these days, so we think we can be forgiven for missing the ViewSonic PJ258D, released earlier this year. "Better late than never," goes the saying, and who are we to question the authority of anonymous saying-makers?

The PJ258D is a high-definition DLP projector and -- here's the hook, gadget fans -- comes equipped with a lovely built-in iPod dock. Does this mean those 320x240-pixel video podcasts can be fired on to your nearest white wall? Yes indeed, Cravers, it does. We advise you squander no time at all in dishing out 600 of your hard-earned pounds on a machine that will project Crave TV's Space Bubble on to your nearest white screen or the widest albino woman you can lay your video-podcast-loving hands on.

It accepts 720p or 1080i video through VGA or component inputs, but there's no HDMI. The projector has a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, which is a couple of notches below rubbish these days, but did we mention that you can project podcasts on to your own ceiling? Imagine, if you will, watching our own Chris Stevens' bigger-than-life-size face leering over you as you lay in bed, or Crave US's Veronica Belmont lulling you into gadget-laden slumber while sitting life size on your bedroom's projection screen.

What? You don't have a projection screen set up in your bedroom? Are you mad? All the cool guys have projection screens in their bedrooms these days.

The ViewSonic PJ258D is on sale now and costs around £600, and you can expect a review here on very soon indeed. -Nate Lanxon