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Valentine's Day TV: Sagem HD-D45H

We'd never settle for a dozen red roses at Valentine's -- anyone who's going to capture our heart will have to buy us a 45-inch rear projection TV like this new Sagem, at the very least

Apparently, chefs never go out for dinner on Valentine's Day because it's busy and the food is rubbish. But what else can the modern lothario do to impress their lover? Take them to the theatre? Cook dinner themselves? No, if you're really going to impress your lover this year, you'd better go all out and buy them a brand-new TV. Thankfully, this 45-inch Sagem offers plenty of bang for your pound at around £1,300, and such a dominating rear-pro TV should set out your intentions pretty clearly. Open the champagne, put a rom-com in the DVD player and they'll be putty in your hands.

The HD-D45H looks pretty attractive itself, sitting there on a subwoofer base with detachable speakers. We immediately rigged up our Xbox 360 and downloaded the decidedly unromantic Mission: Impossible III trailer in 720p high definition, and the resulting home cinema experience was slicker than an oil spill. Rear-projection TVs don't offer the same wide viewing angle as plasmas and LCDs, but if you only tend to watch movies, the contrast and image quality of Sagem's latest simply can't be matched by flat screen.

If the sheer size of this TV doesn't impress your fancy-piece, then tell them that it's fully high-definition compatible and also features a Freeview tuner -- they'll probably marry you. Enjoy Valentine's and we'll toil away to have the full Sagem HD-D45H review for you later next week. -GC