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Urbanears' Plattan headphones get iPod remote

The Urbanears Plattan Plus headphones are super stylish and surely will offer the same overwhelming bass as their remote-less sibling.

Plattan Plus

Among headphone manufacturers, Urbanears can certainly count itself as one that creates some of the most stylish sets on the market. Unfortunately, the high-fashion look associated with the company's Medis and Plattan headphones came at the sacrifice of sound quality.

While I don't expect much of an audio improvement from the Plattan Plus headphones, iPod and iPhone owners who place more emphasis on looks than function might be pleased with Urbanears' latest offering. The Plus 'phones keep the style of the Plattan and add an inline mic and playback controls for the ubiquitous Apple devices. Unlike many competing headsets, the module also contains a volume rocker.

The Plattan Plus also features a durable, fabric-coated cable and something called the "zound plug," which lets a friend plug into the headphones and share in the music. The price tag of $60 is actually quite reasonable given the style, features, and durability, so if you're not super picky about audio quality, these could be a decent option.