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Upgrade your gaming space with this Panasonic sound bar for 51% off today [Update: Expired]

This sound bar with plenty of bass has everything you need to make everything sound better.

Panasonic SoundSlayer

The difference a sound bar can make in your home entertainment center is just plain incredible. TV speakers are often pointed away from you, and as our treasured entertainment rectangles get thinner, the included speakers get worse. A sound bar points the audio straight at you, and includes more than enough speaker to keep everything loud and fun. All you really need is the right price to get you to add one to your house, and Panasonic's price drop to $147 is one of the better options we've seen recently. Unfortunately, that price has now climbed back to $197, which is only 34% off. 

While all of the branding for the Panasonic SoundSlayer is all about gaming, the truth is you can use it for anything. Connect it to your TV and enjoy everything that comes through your screen just a little bit more with higher-quality audio. If you do decide to play some games, there are special audio modes for FPS and RPG games you will want to hear first to appreciate. All together, it's a solid sound bar for a decent price today.