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Universal remote deal: Logitech Harmony Smart Control for $70 at Best Buy

The big box retailer is once again discounting one of our favorite universal remotes.

Sarah Tew/CNET

We saw this same deal back in February, but now it's returned.

Logitech's Harmony Smart Control universal remote may not be as fancy as its touchscreen Harmony Elite, but we've always thought it was the better value -- and it's on sale right now at a Black Friday-like price of $70 (its list price is $130 but it usually sells online for a little over $100).

Like Logitech's high-end $300 Elite, this one comes with the Harmony Hub. The Hub lets you control devices hidden behind cabinet doors or walls, use a smartphone as a remote control or even issue voice commands by connecting it with the Alexa voice assistant if you have an Amazon Echo.

Logitech also makes an updated version of this remote called the Harmony Home Companion, which retails for $150. It offers some small improvements and we awarded it an Editors' Choice back in 2014.

Note: Since the Harmony Hub usually retails for $90 on its own, you're getting a $20 savings even if you just want the Hub and don't need the physical remote.

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