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Tuesday home theater deal: This Vizio 5.1 surround soundbar kit is just $140

This refurb model is available on Woot for $40 cheaper than its Amazon price.

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Any AV expert will tell you: The single best investment you can make to improve your home theater is to upgrade from the TV's integrated speakers to external, multichannel audio. Your TV's tinny 10-watt speakers are abysmal, which explains why you have trouble understanding dialog when watching movies. 

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A soundbar is an inexpensive way to open up your soundstage, add deep bass from a subwoofer, and potentially even give you a premium audio experience with a dedicated center-channel speaker for dialog and surround speakers for more immersive audio. And right now, Woot is offering a 5.1-channel model that's like a home theater in a box. 

The Vizio V51-H6 is a 36-inch soundbar kit with four wired components: the soundbar, a pair of surround speakers and a subwoofer. The system has a 50Hz-20kHz frequency range and supports DTS Virtual:X surround sound. You can also control it with your voice using Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. It's "factory reconditioned," which means it's been inspected and returned to original retail condition by Vizio and features a 90-day Vizio warranty.

Currently $180 on Amazon right now, this refurbished model on Woot is priced at $140. 

First posted earlier this year. Updated with new deal details.