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TouchTunes is now the biggest 'in-venue' streaming service

Jukebox manufacturer TouchTunes has announced its newest smartphone app, which the company says is more intuitive than previous versions and will also sync with your Spotify library.

It's been a long time since jukeboxes have taken dimes as the machines went digital a long time ago. But now, thanks to an app by jukebox manufacturer TouchTunes, they not only accept PayPal but can also sync with your Spotify library.

The TouchTunes app is now in its third major iteration, after being launched in 2010, and boasts a modern look that the company calls an "intuitive, music-first design." TouchTunes says it has 2 million active users, making it one of the biggest streaming services, and the biggest "in-venue" streaming service.


The app allows users to find jukeboxes nearby, see what each one is playing and program them remotely. In order to keep, say, users in California from hijacking jukeboxes in Boise, Idaho, you are limited to seeing models only in your immediate area.

Using the app, users can import playlists from Spotify or iTunes and build a Favorites playlist that also helps determine musical suggestions made by the program.

The company now boasts 65,000 jukeboxes in venues across North America and another 10,000 in Europe.

TouchTunes' app will be available from the Apple app store and Google Play at the end of April 2016.