Droids and X-wings decorate the ultimate TV for Star Wars fans

Frame every viewing experience through a galaxy far, far away.

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Watch this: Toshiba's Star Wars TV is the screen you've been looking for

Here's a test of your Star Wars loyalty.

Do you love Star Wars so much that you'd watch Star Wars even when you're watching something other than Star Wars?

That's more or less what Toshiba's new TVs, designed in collaboration with Lucasfilm, let you do. The 24-inch televisions have white bezels decorated in one of three themed designs, meaning that whether you're watching a period drama, a football game or Doctor Who, it will all be framed within the Star Wars universe.

When you turn on the special edition TV, you'll be greeted with the Star Wars logo, which is supposed to evoke feelings of nostalgia and anticipation -- ideal if you're about to watch "The Empire Strikes Back," not so much if you're tuning into the news. Similarly, when you switch off, you'll be bid farewell by a character accompanied by the familiar hum of a lightsaber.

We checked out the Star Wars TV at IFA in Berlin and found the monochrome designs -- one featuring X-wings, another featuring BB-8 and one showing a mix of characters -- were enjoyably cutesy up close. With a petite screen, this is unlikely to be the TV you turn to for watching blockbusters, but if you're looking for a second telly, or a TV for a kid -- little or big -- this is sure to please Star Wars lovers of any age.

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Each TV may also become a must-have piece of memorabilia for hard-core fans. The sets come in a special box emblazoned with a galaxy of heroes.

As for other features, the TVs are HD ready, have two HDMI ports and offer access to the Toshiba Smart Portal. Unlike Toshiba's Alexa-branded TVs and the other models the company unveiled at IFA, these televisions are far from sleek. Instead they're intended to be a bit of force (but not forced) fun.

"It's enabling us to generate excitement for smaller screen sizes, giving us the perfect opportunity to connect to the next generation of TV viewers in the process," said Toshiba European Sales and Marketing Director Bart Kuijten.

The TVs will be priced at about $260 apiece (€219, AU$326) and will be available toward the end of the year -- definitely in time for Christmas.

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