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Toshiba Regza 26WLT66: A small screen with lots of inputs

Toshiba's 26WLT66 has more inputs than televisions twice its size. It's even got two HDMI inputs, which makes it an ideal gaming TV

It's sleek, it's black with a hint of silver, it has a 26-inch screen and it's HD Ready. Say hello to the Regza 26WLT66. Or 'Walt' for short. That's right, we've given this television a nickname, because we're sick of unwieldy model numbers.

Walt is pretty cool if you're in the market for a smaller-screen LCD for the bedroom or for use with a games console. What makes this TV particularly suitable for use with consoles is the inclusion of two HDMI inputs and two Scart sockets.

There are also component and composite inputs at the back, and a further composite input at the side of the screen. So, if you have an Xbox 360 and maybe a collection of classic games consoles, you won't struggle to have them plugged in at the same time. Plus there will still be room for a separate HD DVD or Blu-ray player.

Walt is also happy to accept PC input as well, which will no doubt be a handy feature for some, but it's not a DVI input so it won't support HDCP -- for protected content you'll need to stick with HDMI.

We've given Walt a quick test drive, and we were very impressed with the quality of video from our HD DVD player. Freeview quality was okay, but not stunning -- a little soft at times. Sound was also not fantastic, especially at lower levels where we felt speech was indistinct.

Walt has become a good friend in the short time we've known him. He's got plenty to offer and seems keen to please. -IM

Update: a full review of Walt, sorry, the Toshiba Regza 26WLT66 is now live.