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Toshiba BDX2100KB: Blu-ray on a budget

Last year Toshiba scoffed an entire humble pie with the release of its first Blu-ray player. Now the company's regurgitated that pie in the form of the budget BDX2100KB

Toshiba started to get over its tragically failed relationship with HD DVD with a quick rebound fling -- the BDX2000KB Blu-ray player. Now it's ironed its best shirt, slapped on some Tiberius and is really back in the game with a nice cheap date: the entry-level BDX2100KB.

Toshiba's second Blu-ray player outputs images at 1080p/24p and offers an Ethernet jack for access to all the entirely missable BD-Live Profile 2.0 features you could possibly want. There's also a USB port that will let you play back MP3 and WMA music files on your TV, and JPEG photo files too.

Support for the Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA codecs means this machine should be capable of giving your ears a sonic treat, and there's support for 7.1-channel output via the HDMI port. DivX video files are also supported, as are MKV files, which is something we're always pleased to see. Toshiba's upscaling hardware has left us pleasantly surprised when watching DVDs in the past, and the BDX2100KB promises to be no different in this regard.

The BDX2100KB is expected to be available in May for £130. We've expressed our reservations before about Toshiba crashing the Blu-ray player party, but, as with the Sony BDP-S360, we're always glad to see a machine whose relatively low price could contribute to more people clambering aboard the high-definition bandwagon.