Toshiba 42WLT68: Three HDMIs and good looking too

If you're searching for something to fill the gap between your hi-fi and the bookcase, may we suggest a nice big television?

Ian Morris
2 min read

So, you have a 42-inch gap in your lounge that needs filling with something? If you're an adult, a poster of Pamela Anderson during the Baywatch years probably isn't an option. Nor, we suspect, is the popular student decorative style known as 'wall of beer cans'. Instead, we recommend you place a nice big television in the gap. May we suggest the Toshiba Regza 42WLT68 LCD?

The 42-inch Regza 42WLT68 offers a number of funky features that should keep most TV lovers happy. Most notable is the 100Hz feature Toshiba calls 'Active Vision M100'. The aim is to produce a more natural look on moving objects, and to remove all the ghosting that can cause problems on LCD screens.

The TV also features a speaker system from Onkyo, which should help to maximise the sound from what look to Crave like very slender little speakers attached to the bottom of the screen. A Freeview receiver is also built in, something we consider essential in the days of fast-approaching analogue switch-off.

The 42WLT68 also has the luxury of three HDMI sockets, one of which is side-mounted. Well done Toshiba, that's some excellent connectivity. There are also component, composite, PC VGA and a pair of Scart inputs too, so you should be able to hook up pretty much everything you own.

Crave is slightly disappointed that such a large screen only supports 720p, probably not the best choice if you are a PlayStation 3 owner, but probably sufficient for pretty much everyone else.

The 42WLT68 costs around £1,400 -- slightly less if you hunt around the Net for a bit. We think this is a little expensive for a 720p television, but it does have some cool features that make it worth a bit of extra cash. -IM