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Top 10 MP3 player misfits

Looking for an MP3 player that's a little bizarre? Donald Bell rounds up his top 10 misfit MP3 players.

Photo of the FOXPRO Fury.
Need an MP3 player that can remotely trigger the sound of a spotted hyena mating call? We've got you covered. FOXPRO

With the iPod's stranglehold on the MP3 player market, one of the only ways to get a new product noticed is to create something very specialized, or just plain bizarre.

These freaks of the industry come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them dance, some of them swim, and some of them involve shoving a spike through Mickey Mouse's head. We're not talking pie-in-the-sky product concepts, here--only real MP3 players made the list.

Click through to see a slide show of our top 10 misfit MP3 players.