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Tiny MP3 players

CNET editors round up some teeny, tiny flash MP3 players. Includes models from Apple, SanDisk, Creative, and Sony.

The Iriver S10 was too dated to make the list this time, but it's truly impressive at 0.8-inch.
CBS Interactive/Corinne Schulze

Flash-based MP3 players are taking over the marketplace. Unlike their hard-drive-based counterparts, flash MP3 players have no moving parts, affording them entirely skip-free playback and, in most cases, a long battery life. Also, flash chips are tiny, meaning the players that use them can be small to the point of ridiculousness.

Luckily, most (but perhaps not all) manufacturers realize that there is such a thing as too small. We had no trouble finding a collection of manageable MP3 players that won't take up valuable space in a briefcase, a backpack, a purse, or a pocket. And although each measures less than 2 cubic inches, all of them offer at least 2GB of memory, which is enough to hold about 500 songs or 32 hours' worth of music.

Check out itty-bity MP3 players.