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These concept OLEDs from LG Display are closer to reality than you think

Check out LGD's huge OLED screens thin enough to bend around columns and stick to walls, and screens that act as speakers themselves.

Josh Miller/CNET

Most of the new TVs I saw last week at CES are actually coming to market in 2017, but some of the coolest won't be available for sale. Unless you're an airport, a fast-food restaurant or a jewelry store with a penchant for flashy signage.

The epicenter of display coolness was the white-walled, private booth of LG Display. There I found numerous 77-inch OLED screens, some stuck together back to back and some wrapped around columns large enough to support the roof of Terminal 4 at JFK. There were transparent OLEDs, OLED video walls and even a display showing how an OLED screen can act as a speaker (the last is actually coming to market later this year, thanks to Sony.) There were even a few LCDs.

As one of the biggest display manufacturers in the world, LGD supplies not only LG Electronics but Sony, Vizio and many other clients. In addition to TV-size and larger displays, it also makes small screens found in phones, PCs, laptops and cars. They wouldn't allow me to take photos or video of the small-screen stuff this year, but in years past that's where I found coolness like the 18-inch rollable OLED.

There wasn't anything quite that mind-blowing displayed this year, but if you care about future TV tech, commercial and otherwise, there's still plenty of interesting stuff to see. Enjoy.

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