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These cases improve Apple TV's slippery remote

We love the Apple TV remote, but it isn't perfect. Here's a look at some accessories that can help correct its flaws.


When we reviewed the fourth-generation Apple TV back in late 2015, we talked about how awesome its remote was and how it was a wonder of touchpad responsiveness.

But that remote isn't perfect. Chief among its flaws is a slim design that makes it tough to grip, and a symmetrical button arrangement that makes it hard to tell which end is up. It's also so slim that it's easy to lose, whether it accidentally slips between the coach cushions or slides underneath a component in your AV rack.

Luckily, like with other Apple products -- and even some of its accessories (the Apple Watch, for instance) -- there are plenty of accessories available that are designed to improve your Apple TV remote.

We thought about all this when Madman Designs sent us a sample of its MD-ATV4 remote case (pictured below -- $20). It's one of the thicker cases for your Apple TV remote and turns it into a much more substantial-feeling clicker. A lanyard helps mark "down."

There are several other options to choose from, many of them cheaper. Here's a look at some of the better Apple TV remote cases out there. After you check them out, let us know what you think of your Apple TV remote and whether you love it as is -- or whether you have a problem with its design.

The back of the Madman Design Apple TV case.

David Carnoy/CNET