These are a few of my favorite things

Editor Jasmine France rounds up a selection of her favorite music gadgets and services.

Jasmine France Former Editor

Foam tips on earbuds, and sweet sound from players. To name but two. You may think that reviewing products for CNET would have me going gaga for gadgets, but in fact, I'm a bitter, jaded individual. I am extremely hesitant to drop my hard-earned cash on new technology, mostly because I live in constant fear that something newer and better is just around the corner. I sat on my dead iBook for well over three months waiting for new, cheaper MacBooks (only to be sorely disappointed--$999 for the previous generation, Steve?! Really?).

But that's not to say I'm completely immune to some tech lovin' (clearly). A healthy handful of music tech has found a soft spot in my heart as of late, and I think some Crave and MP3 Insider veterans will be surprised by one device that made my final cut. Everything included on my list is something that I have purchased or would seriously consider buying for myself or a loved one.

Check out Jasmine's favorite music gadgets.