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The Klipsch iFi--the best ever iPod speaker--it's back!

The Audiophiliac recalls his favorite iPod speaker, Klipsch's iFi.

The iFi rocked my world. Klipsch

Klipsch has just made a limited number of these available on its website, for just $249! This blog originally ran on November 29.

I have fond memories of Klipsch's three-piece iPod speaker. Back in 2005 it stood out in a field of itsy bitsy iPod speakers--the iFi came with a bona-fide 8-inch, 200 watt subwoofer and a pair of two-way satellite speakers. Wow, what a concept, speakers you could actually place far enough apart to create stereo imaging. Most of today's iPod speakers, including high-end contenders like Bowers & Wilkins' Zeppelin sound small because they are small. Yes, the "form factor" is great, the Zep's industrial design is gorgeous, but it's just a glorified table radio. Unfortunately, Klipsch abandoned the three-piece satellite/subwoofer iPod model and now offers one-piece speakers, just like everybody else. To be fair I haven't heard their new iGroove SXT iPod speaker, so I can't comment on it, but I haven't loved Klipsch's post iFi models.

Read my CNET review of the iFi; I gave it an 8 rating and the average user rating was even better, the readers gave it an 8.6. Back in June, 2005 the iFi retailed for $399; I'm sure you can find used ones on eBay for a fraction of that price.