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Harman Kardon SoundSticks 3 are just $100 right now (Update: Deal expired)

The newer SoundSticks 4 have slight improvements over this model, but they're also $200 more.

Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon's SoundSticks are unquestionably cool looking, sound great and don't take up much space. Right now, the third-generation model is down to $100 on Amazon, which is $109 off the sticker price and a solid deal on a MAC-favorite speaker set. 

The latest version -- the SoundSticks 4 -- landed on CNET's list of Best PC speakers for 2021. CNET's David Carnoy outlines the new iteration's improvements over these including some design edits, a bit more wattage of power and standard Bluetooth. All are significant updates, to be certain, but so is the price difference since the 4 will cost you $300.

Carnoy also notes that the SoundSticks system is a bit more compact than you'd think from the pictures, but it has full sound and easy touch volume and mute controls. The SoundSticks 3 have only gone lower once before so this is a marked price drop on a solid set of PC speakers with an undeniable aesthetic flare.