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The entry point for Apple TVs just went up

Apple just discontinued its 3rd generation TV, which was available for $69.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Apple just discontinued the $69 third generation Apple TV. This leaves the $149 Apple TV 4 as the only new option for purchase on the Apple store (refurbished 3rd-gen units are still available for now).

This move was not unexpected. With the 2015 release of the 4th-gen Apple TV, it seemed likely that the 2012 3rd-gen TV was on its way out. The product was removed from the Apple website quietly -- the former product page now redirects to the Apple TV 4.

Besides refurbished units, of which there are a limited number, consumers can still get a 3rd-gen Apple TV at various distributors for prices near the original tag. How and if Apple continues support for the 3rd-gen TV, however, remains to be seen.

In response to questions about Apple's decision, a representative said, "The future of TV is apps and our customers love the experience of controlling the new Apple TV with voice and touch through the Siri Remote ... So we've decided to focus entirely on this app-centered TV experience with the new AppleTV."