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The China Star in 'Iron Man 3': TCL debuts new TVs

TCL is the largest TV brand in the domestic Chinese market, and it's using the launch of "Iron Man 3" to attempt inroads into the U.S.

David Katzmaier Editorial Director -- Personal Tech
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David Katzmaier
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China's TCL ("The Creative Life") will sell this 50-inch and a 58-inch LED LCD TV in the U.S. this year. TCL

Today TCL announced three new LED TVs, including a 50-inch, a 58-inch, and a monster 110-inch 4K TV dubbed "The China Star."

The Star will appear in the upcoming movie "Iron Man 3," and makes its appearance in a trailer for the film around the 2-second mark, happily ensconced in Tony Stark's living room.

In addition to its size and pixel count, The China Star boasts some impressive-sounding "technology," including (per the press release) "...active 3D technology, multitouch technology, intelligent and dynamic backlight technology, and ultra-high brightness of 800 nits. The massive screen display area measures 3.34 square meters. China Star's display also includes major breakthroughs in the use of high-end lithography, oversized partial affixed technology and advanced backlight techniques. It is also equipped with TCL's self-developed Fine Stereo Performance (FSP) technology."

Unfortunately for wanna-be genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropists, The China Star will not be shining on U.S. soil anytime soon. It's exclusive to the Middle Kingdom for now, and pricing was not announced.

Its other two more modest sets, members of the company's 3010 series, will be available soon. The 50-inch LE50FHD3010 uses edge-lit LED lighting; the 58-inch LE58FHDE3010 is a direct LED model (more info). Both have 120Hz refresh rates. Pricing was not announced for either one, but they'll be available "soon" online at major retailers including Amazon and Best Buy.

Last year we reviewed two 40-inch TCL TVs, the L40FHDF12TA and L40FHDP60. The latter achieved a "9" in Value thanks to decent picture quality at a world-beating price of $300 (although the price has increased since then). Thanks to its aggressive pricing, TCL is often found on Amazon's Best Sellers lists.

I expect the new 3010 models, which also sport Iron Man promotional boxes, to be relatively cheap as well, although there's no telling about their picture quality until we can review one.