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Terminator speaker with Alexa absolutely will not stop

Come with me if you want to live with a Terminator head in your living room.


I'll be back.

AC Worldwide

Hasta la vista, Alexa. The latest voice-controlled speaker to include Amazon's personal assistant is modeled after the Terminator, and it absolutely will not stop, ever.

The 18-inch-tall Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton Multimedia Speaker comes with glowing red eyes, just like the deadly cyborg played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the sci-fi movie series. It has a camera to monitor your home while you're out, and you can ask questions and order services by talking to Alexa.

The alloy speaker is built by AC Worldwide, which previously made a range of Star Wars speakers. It's available on Kickstarter. As always with crowdfunded products, you hand over money at your own risk.

The Terminator speaker costs £275 ($300, or AU$450) for the next week. Just don't come to us when it becomes self-aware and starts chucking nukes about.

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