TCL Releases Expanded Mini-LED TV Lineup, Including a 115-Inch Screen for $20,000

The line also includes a brighter version of CNET's favorite TV overall.

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Bella Czajkowski
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TCL on Monday announced a massive, eye-catching and eye-wateringly expensive 115-inch mini-LED TV, in addition to some much more reasonably sized 2024 TVs you might actually be able to afford.  

The 115-inch QM89 promises not just a big picture but a bright one with up to 5,000 nits of brightness and 20,000 local dimming zones. You'd typically see screens that size with a projector, but the QM89 is brighter than any projector, and TCL says it's meant to upgrade your home theater setup without compromising image quality -- that is, if you're willing to shell out $20,000. 

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The company also announced pricing on the successor to our current best overall TV, the QM8.


The 98-inch TCL QM851.

David Katzmaier/CNET

That model earned high marks in our review for its excellent image quality for the money. It's powered by a mini-LEDs that deliver a brighter picture with better contrast, and more precise local dimming, than standard-sized LEDs. One notable drawback of the QM8 was its limited size offerings, with the smallest being 65 inches. 

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This year's QM851, first announced at CES 2024, similarly comes in only 65 inches or larger, but you can get a step down model in the Q Series -- like the QM65, QM68 or QM7 -- in smaller sizes. Keep in mind that the QM851 is the top of the line model in that Q series, so you'll compromise some image quality, starting with lower brightness for these smaller sizes. Notably, the QM751 and QM851 are the two models in the series with mini-LED technology. Below is a breakdown of the new sizes and prices in the Q Series.

TCL QM851 and QM751 pricing

ModelSize (inches)Price
55QM751G 55$800
65QM751G 65$1,100
75QM751G 75$1,500
85QM751G 85$2,000
98QM751G 98$5,000
65QM851G 65$1,500
75QM851G 75$2,000
85QM851G 85$3,000
98QM851G 98$6,000
115QM891G 115$20,000

TCL also released the S5, its newest in the non-QLED S-Series. A more basic TV that's still armed with smart TV functionality, the S5 will be available in 43 to 85 inches and starts at $350.

The new 2024 TCL TVs go on sale today.