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TCL debuts 8K Roku TVs, quantum dot and more dimming zones at CES 2019

The China-based TV maker will also build far-field voice control into some of its 2019 TVs.

An 8K TV in Roku's booth at CES 2019.
Sarah Tew/CNET

TCLis joining LG and Samsung on the list of TV makers that will sell sets with 8K resolution this year.

At CES 2019, the increasingly popular China-based TV maker said its 8K TV will be available in "late 2019," and it will be the first 8K TV powered by Roku's smart TV system.

In another first for Roku TV, select 4K models from TCL will incorporate built-in far-field voice control. That means you'll be able to speak into thin air, hands free. You'll also be able to perform searches and other voice commands without using the remote. US versions will use Roku's voice system while TCL TVs outside the US will get Google Assistant far-field voice control.

TCL says the system takes advantage of beam-forming technology and AI noise cancellation to deal with the issue of the TV's own speakers overwhelming voice commands.

Roku TV is CNET's favorite Smart TV system overall, with better app coverage, search and ease of use than any of its rivals. TCL's Roku TVs are among our top recommendations, and the company's 2018 6 series won the Editors' Choice award for its combination of picture quality and value.

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TCL also talked up additional image quality improvements in its higher-end 2019 TVs. Some models will get quantum dot technology for improved color as well as additional local dimming zones -- up to 300 percent more than previous models.  That means the 65-inch set would have an impressive 360 zones, for example.

Pricing and specific availability for TCL's 2019 TVs was not announced.

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