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Swedx wooden HDTV: When trees lay down with TVs

If a tree hooked up with a television, this is what the illicit love-child would look like. It's made by Swedx, and it's a 19-inch HD Ready telly with Samsung roots

If you're just dying to sacrifice even more trees, we've got a treat for you: brand new LCD TVs made from the finest trees Swedx could lay its hands and chainsaws on. Although it'll tick off Britain's squirrels, it'll also help you keep your carbon footprint that all-important notch lower, as it's partly made from a renewable resource.

The new 19-inch TVs feature HD Ready panels made by Samsung and come with a choice of three solid-wood finishes: ash, beech or sapele. They boast an integrated Freeview tuner, a very specific 1,001:1 contrast ratio, Nicam sound and a disappointingly lone HDMI input, along with the usual VGA Scart and AV inputs. For £350, it's not an unreasonable offer. But should you bother?

Our resident TV expert and HD panel connoisseur Ian Morris says Samsung panels are among the best things to sell kidneys for, and our chums at SmartPlanet tell us that if they could be buried with a loved one or a tree, they'd pick the tree. If it's good enough for those guys, it's good enough for us.

You can pick up a Swedx tree TV now from Dixons. -Nate Lanxon