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Studios reportedly resisting Apple's 4K movie pricing plan

Apple is in a battle over what ultra-high definition content should cost on its upcoming 4K-capable Apple TV, The Wall Street Journal reports.

With a new 4K-capable Apple TV expected to be announced at the same time as the new iPhones in September, Apple is busy making deals to sell ultra-high definition content via iTunes, The Wall Street Journal reports. Negotiations have run into a snag over pricing, however. Apple reportedly wants to sell Ultra HD films for $19.99 -- the same price as HD movies -- while some studios want Apple to charge a $5-$10 premium.

The report didn't say what deals Apple has in place, but apparently "several major studios" are balking at Apple's pricing plan.

In physical disc format, UHD movies do typically sell for more than their Blu-ray counterparts, which are also included in the box, but we've seen plenty of sales on UHD movies that push prices below $20.

Netflix, Vudu and Amazon Video offer 4K streaming content and all are expected to be available on the new 4K Apple TV. Vudu recently launched on Apple TV and Apple confirmed in June that Amazon would be available on Apple TV this year. It's worth noting that Vudu sells movies, but you can't buy them from your Apple TV -- you can only stream content from your Vudu library. 

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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