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Studio Proper moves from cases to speakers with Kickstarter

No stranger to crowdfunding, the Melbourne-based design outfit is using Kickstarter to help add a Bluetooth speaker to its case-and-mount range.

Studio Proper

Studio Proper is an industrial design studio based in Melbourne and is best known for its X Lock and M Lock range of phone cases and mounting systems, both mechanical and magnetic.

But that could change, with Studio Proper wanting to make a move from mechanical mounts to Bluetooth speaker systems, with the PA2.

Studio Proper

The flying-saucer-esque PA2 is a portable speaker that has an eight hour battery, a built-in mic for speakerphone use and a passive bass for a deeper sound than you might expect from the size. It also has the X Lock system on the base, letting you mount it on the wall or any existing compatible accessories you might have. On the top is the M Lock, meaning you can magnetically attach your phone (with the right case) if you so desire.

This isn't the first Kickstarter rodeo for Studio Proper. The company voluntarily suspended its first fundraising attempt on a speaker -- the PA1 -- when, in the words of designer Patrick O'Connell, "we realised we could do better".

Taking on feedback from the initial Kickstarter, Studio Proper went back to the drawing board, tweaking and refining to come up with the PA2.

"We want to make this right," said Alon Tamir, founder of Studio Proper. "This is a big switch for us, from a passive product to an active product and it's a real toe in water to see how we might move forward with new products."

The Kickstarter for PA2 is live with 19 days to go at the time of writing, and just over $20,000 left of its $40,000 goal to be raised. The RRP of the PA2 is expected to be around AU$120, but early pledges are available for $89.