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Store your vinyl in style with these affordable, handcrafted LP racks

Most of Pratherteam's racks, made by a husband and wife outfit based in Ohio, cost less than $100.

The Prather Morad LP rack.
Brit Prather

I honestly can't remember how I learned about Pratherteam, but I'm glad I did. I looked around its website and really liked its approach so I requested a review sample of its handsome Walnut Record Rack-Model CFM ($95, or £72 and AU$126 roughly converted) LP storage unit, which holds up to 40 LPs. Brit and husband Jason Prather design, build, finish, pack and ship everything from their home workshop in Sugarcreek, Ohio to customers worldwide.

Pratherteam makes a wide assortment of LP racks, with most priced under $100 (that roughly converts to £75 and AU$132), and judging by the one I have here, build quality and wood finishing are first rate. I think its units are a lot nicer than what I've seen online and in stores for this kind of money. There's nothing fancy about the design, but I don't need "features" in a piece of furniture, just something that will hold up and look good for years to come. The review sample certainly inspires confidence.

A Prather LP storage rack.

Brit Prather

I wish I had room for the full-size Prather Morad LP rack and storage unit in my Brooklyn apartment, it would look great in my listening room. There's also a "Now Playing" stand that supports the jacket of the LP in use. Wall-mount LP storage racks, 45 RPM singles storage racks, plus all sorts of cool stuff fill out the Prather lineup.

Ah, but looking around the website, I didn't see any CD storage units; Jason Prather tells me building LP racks is their passion, but he's not against the idea of CD or cassette racks. If someone requests either, they'd make one. In fact, the Prathers regularly build custom pieces.

They buy woods from local family-owned lumber mills, and donate 1 percent of Pratherteam profits to the National Forest Foundation. I think that makes the racks a little more attractive and nicer too.