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Star Wars now bestselling Blu-ray of all time

After just over a week on sale, Star Wars: The Complete Saga has sold over 1 million units, making it the bestselling Blu-ray of all time.

The movies have been around for decades, but it seems we still can't get enough of Star Wars. Launched on Blu-ray last week, the collection of all six movies in the series has already sold over 1 million copies. Even Jar Jar Binks couldn't stop it becoming the bestselling Blu-ray of all time.

More than 515,000 of those sales are in the US, CNET News reports. Those sales have generated $38m (£25m) of the boxset's total $84m (£54m) cash. But, as ever with Star Wars fans, the success isn't without controversy.

As is his way, George Lucas made lots of changes to the HD versions of the movies, incurring the wrath of some hardcore fans. Darth Vader now shouts "Nooo!" in Return of the Jedi as he lifts the Emperor to stop him electrocuting Luke. Some fans complained this ruined the scene's dramatic impact. Watching a close approximation of it on YouTube, it does seem a bit silly.

Lucas fell foul of fans with the release of the prequel trilogy, which some thought courted a new, younger audience rather than playing to the original fans. He also added a host of computer-generated effects for the special edition versions of the original trilogy.

The boxset includes nine discs, with over 40 hours of special features, and 6.1 surround sound. New documentaries, deleted, extended and alternate scenes, they're all here. And yes, Greedo still shoots first.

You may have noticed the BT Tower turned into a giant lightsaber in the centre of London town last week to mark the launch.

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