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Spotify offers free Chromecast streamer with purchase of 3-month Premium subscription

Free stuff alert! From now until the end of the month, Spotify is giving away Google Chromecast media streamers to anyone who signs up for a three-month Spotify Premium subscription.

Sarah Tew

Now that Apple Music just announced serious gains in subscriber numbers, Spotify is answering back with a special deal to reel in fresh subscribers: starting today, anyone who signs up for a three-month Spotify Premium subscription in the US or UK will get a Chromecast wireless video dongle, free of charge.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The promotion lasts through February 28 and you can only sign up for it if you've never had a free trial or signed up for a premium membership. If that applies to you, you can take advantage of a pretty awesome deal: a Premium Spotify membership costs $29.97 (£29.97), roughly the same cost as the Chromecast streamer.

As a refresher, the Chromecast is Google's wireless video dongle that you plug into an HDMI port on your television set. Once it connects to your Wi-Fi network, you can use it to watch apps like Netflix and YouTube, view photos and Web pages through the browser, and listen to music from streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, all on your TV.

To be clear, this promotion is for the 2015 version of the Chromecast dongle, but Google also sells the Chromecast Audio that lets you wirelessly stream music to your AV system using an app on your phone.

US users can visit this page to sign up for the deal -- UK subscribers have their own page here.