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Spotify launches in Australia and New Zealand

Spotify has announced it's bringing its streaming catalog of over 15 million songs to customers in Australia and New Zealand

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has welcomed Australian users to the service

Spotify launched its streaming service in Australia and New Zealand today, bringing the total number of countries served to 15.

"Australians are massive music fans and we've created a service that we know they'll love", said co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek in a press release.

As in the US, customers in the Southern Hemisphere will be able to choose between a free account, Unlimited (AU$6.99) or Premium (AU$11.99).

Spotify has also announced localized apps including one from youth broadcaster Triple J and licensing deals with all four major Australian music labels, APRA (equivalent to the RIAA) and a raft of independent labels.

While the number of Spotify users around the globe is predicted to be as high as 20 million, Spotify's official number is "more than 10 million". Sony's Music Unlimited has about 1 million customers but both pale compared to .

While the US enjoys a wealth of streaming services, most--including Pandora--are unavailable in Australia with Sony Music Unlimited the only other significant service launching in February 2011.

Meanwhile, Sony made its Music Unlimited iPhone app available to Australia and New Zealand users from today.