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Sony ST-SDB900: a radio for someone you love

Nothing says "I adore your every tiny gesture" like a digital radio. This is the ultimate Valentine's gift for the choice-starved audiophile radio lover. If your cherished one hates static, this is the answer

Love is Radio 4 on a crisp spring morning. Love is static-free reception. Love is hundreds of different niche-interest stations. Your love may waver because of low digital radio bit rates across the UK, but then all affairs have their moments of doubt.

Unlike most humans, the ST-SDB900 has an off state, so you can remedy any conflict with the press of a button. It also packs an FM tuner for when you want to abandon digital and listen to a higher audio quality than DAB can currently provide. We're impressed by the build quality on the SDB900 -- it matches the standard of products we've seen from other high-end separate manufacturers like PURE's DRX-702ES.

During our brief road-test this morning, the Sony tuned quickly and began playing a horrific selection of sacharine love pulp courtesy of Heart FM. For us at least, Kerrang! and Rage Against The Machine's Killing in the Name seemed more a more appropriate soundtrack to celebrate today's consumer-capitalist hijack of humanity's mutual expressions of love. Expect a full review soon. -CS.

Update: a full review of the Sony ST-SDB900 is now live.