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PlayStation Vue delivers ESPN, ABC and Disney channels -- and a $10 price cut

Sony knocks $10 off the price of its monthly PlayStation Vue subscription service and sweetens the deal further with the arrival channels it promised last year.

Existing customers will see the discount go into effect on their next billing cycle.

Sony on Wednesday beefed up its PlayStation-based subscription service, delivering on its promise to add new channels back when the Internet TV provider acquired the rights last year. PlayStation Vue subscribers can now check out live sports content from ESPN and ESPN 2 and new programming from the Disney Channel and ABC.

The good news doesn't end there. Sony is also cutting the price of all three multi-channel tiered plans by $10. New subscribers will get the discounted prices immediately, while existing Vue customers will see the discount go into effect on their next billing cycle.

The breakdown is as follows: the bottom tiered plan called Access that offers 60+ channels is now $39.99, the Core tier with 75+ channels that includes regional sports network now costs $44.99 a month, and the Elite premium plan with 100+ channels of sports, movies, and entertainment programming will now set you back $54.99.

PlayStation Vue is one of the most prominent alternative live TV services in the US, competing directly against Sling TV and traditional cable and satellite TV providers. Instead of requiring a cable box, it lets you stream TV over your Internet connection to a compatible device. It also doesn't require a contract, allowing you to cancel and restart your service at any time.

Check out more details on the Vue's new service option at Sony's PlayStation blog.

Sarah Tew/CNET