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Sony launches smaller screen 4K TVs in Australia

Sony has revealed its 55 and 65-inch 4K models, along with an expanded line-up of traditional HDTVs.

Launching its 2013 TV line-up, Sony has shown its commitment to 4K Ultra HD, with two new smaller-sized TVs joining its 84-inch Bravia.

The X-Series 4K TV. (Credit: Sony)

Sony is calling the range the X-Series and will be offering the TV in 55-inch or 65-inch models.

Both TVs will be bundled with eight of Sony's current 4K movie line-up, including Ghostbusters and the recent remake of Total Recall. Perhaps slightly more compelling, Sony is pushing the pedigree of its X-Reality Pro video processing engine, claiming that it can upscale "to near-4K quality".

In a media statement, Hass Mahdi, marketing manager of Home Entertainment at Sony Australia, said: "Sony's new 4K Ultra HDTVs will make everything you watch look and sound better, regardless of content source — broadcast TV, DVD, Blu-ray, internet, whatever."

Sound quality has also been enhanced from what's usually available on a flat panel TV, with integrated 65-watt, front-facing speakers using "magnetic fluid technology".

Sony is anticipating a mid-July launch into retail, although pricing has not been confirmed. In the US, the 55-inch X-Series retails for US$4999 and the 65-inch for US$6999.

Sony's W900A TV. (Credit: Sony)

Sony also unveiled its run of HDTVs for the year, split into the W-Series and the R-Series.

The W-Series will feature the same "Triluminos" panel technology as the X-Series, while the R-Series offers larger panel sizes at more affordable pricing.

The flagship W900A model at the 55-inch size will cost AU$3,999, while the R550A maxes out at a 70-inch screen for AU$4,999. Both ranges are in store now, with the exception of the W900A, which should be on sale in early June.

We'll have full reviews of select TVs from both the 4K and HD range as soon as possible.