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Sony expands local dimming X900F LCD to a whopping 85 inches

At CES, one of our favorite LCD TVs of 2017 gets a new huge size and some picture quality extras.

The Sony X900F.
Sarah Tew/CNET

If a 75-inch TV isn't big enough for you, Sony has the answer.

The new X900F series of LCD TVs comes in sizes ranging from 49 all the way up to 85 inches. That's bigger at the high end than last year's X900E series, which topped out at a measly 75.

The X900E was one of the best-performing LCD TVs CNET reviewed last year. The key was its full-array local dimming LED backlight, something the new X900F keeps.

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The new version does get some enhancements. It will have Dolby Vision high dynamic range compatibility via a firmware update coming later in the year, an extra that last year's X900E missed entirely. Of course, it also supports standard HDR10 content, too.

Sony touts better video processing as well, courtesy of the same X1 Extreme processor found in its new OLED TV, the A8F. And there's a new Precision Clarity mode that boosts motion resolution by applying black frame insertion only where it's needed on the screen, which is said to eliminate the flicker and dimness evinced by similar modes in past sets.

Like its predecessor, the A8F builds in the Android TV operating system, complete with Google Assistant voice control available by talking into the remote. It's also compatible with Alexa. The new model's stand is different, however, with a pair of legs as opposed to the A1E's central stand.

Sony is also announcing a new sound bar, the HT-X9000F, designed to complement the design of the TV.

Pricing and availability were not announced.

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