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Sony Bravia NX713 and NX813: 3D or not 3D? That is the question

The new Sony Bravia NX713 and NX813 TVs give you the choice of whether to include 3D capability with a smart add-on.

Sony has announced two new LED-backlit tellies with 3D capability. The Sony Bravia NX713 and NX813 will have you viewing in that all-important third dimension -- or not, if you don't fork out extra for the hardware.

Both tellies will play 3D content, but you need to add a 3D Sync transmitter and pony up for some glasses.

Internet content is available with no need for extra hardware, giving you access to YouTube, LoveFilm and other services. The new tellies follow Sony's monolithic design philosophy, now with a smaller bezel around the TV's screen.

The NX713 comes in 40- and 46-inch flavours. It offers MotionFlow 100Hz Pro technology to make video look smoother. The NX813 is a 55-inch behemoth, serving up MotionFlow 200Hz Pro.

No prices yet, but the NX713 and 813 will arrive in mid-September. How do you feel about 3D TVs that don't have the kit built-in -- do you prefer having the option to buy the 3D technology separately?