Sony Bravia HX923, HX823, HX723, NX, EX and CX TVs get Skype and an iPhone app

Sony is bringing video calling and smart-phone apps to its Bravia television range with a collection of new models announced today.

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Sony is bringing video calling and smart-phone apps to its Bravia TVs. Sony's new Bravia tellies are -- deep breath -- the HX923, HX823, HX723 and NX723, followed by the EX723, EX523, EX320, CX523 and CX2D. The new tellies add Skype and mobile apps to their Web-connected Bravia Internet TV -- and, because it's 2011, it's all in 3D.

You'll be able to control the TVs with free iPhone and Android apps that turn your smart phone into a remote control. The phone's keyboard lets you type when you're surfing the Web on your TV, or when you're watching telly and hear a top tune on the soundtrack, a TrackID feature tells you what it is.

Skype is new for free VoIP calling, but you need a separate TV-ready webcam and microphone accessory to make video calls unless you buy the top-end HX923 model. Panasonic TVs also offer Skype calling.

Existing Bravia services include access to streaming movies from LoveFilm, BBC TV programmes from iPlayer and news from Sky News. Web browser Opera is built-in, alongside widgets giving direct access to sites such as eBay, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

Sony even reckons its new X-Reality image processor can tune up Web video "to near-HD resolution". Or you can shell out for on-demand music and video from Sony's Qriocity service.

Here's some handy tables to guide you through the new TVs. You're welcome.

The HX293, HX823 and HX723 show 2D and 3D content, coming with redesigned active-shutter 3D glasses that are lighter, and now rechargeable. In the US, the HX923 will come with two pairs and a Skype webcam. It also features MotionFlow XR 800 to smooth out fast-moving video like sports "at the equivalent of 800 frames per second". Other HX models offer the equivalent of 400fps.

The NX723 and EX TVs also offer Skype and 3D.

UK releases and pricing are yet to be confirmed. Our square-eyed televisual expert Ian Morris is sizing up the new Bravias in Las Vegas at technology bunfight CES 2011, so we'll have more details faster than you can say 'Internet Protocol Television'.