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SoundCloud Go brings 125 million songs to Sonos speakers

Subscribers to SoundCloud's ad-free subscription music service will automatically get the update if they have a Sonos speaker system.

Sonos adds SoundCloud Go to list of supported apps

Add SoundCloud Go to the long list of music streaming services you can access on the Sonos multiroom wireless speaker system.

The company announced an update on Tuesday that adds support for the monthly subscription service that many call the "YouTube for audio."

The premium Go tier began in March and kills the ads found on the free version of the SoundCloud service. SoundCloud, which rolled out video ads in June to free subscribers, has about 175 million unique visitors a month and separates itself from competitors Spotify and Apple Music by allowing users to upload their own music to the service.

If you signed up for SoundCloud Go, you should already see the change in the Sonos music control app.

All you have to do is sign in to browse SoundCloud's catalog of more than 125 million tracks that includes tons of user-submitted remixes, mash-ups and covers.

The service isn't perfect and you might have trouble finding popular tracks from big name artists, but SoundCloud currently offers a free 30-day trial with offline and ad-free listening if you want to give it a shot.

After that, you'll pay $9.99 in the US or £9.99 in the UK a month to continue using the streaming service. SoundCloud Go is not currently available in Australia.

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