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Sonos Reveals Era 100 and Era 300 Speakers with Bluetooth and Spatial Audio

Sonos One has been replaced after five years, and support for spatial audio format Dolby Atmos extended.

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sonos era 100 and 300 speakers

The $449 Sonos Era 300 and $249 Sonos Era 100 speakers 

Candice Greene/CNET

Sonos has unveiled its newest range of wireless speakers, named Era, which includes a replacement for the Sonos One and a spatial audio tabletop model.

The two speakers -- the Sonos Era 100 ($249) and the Sonos Era 300 $449 -- now include Bluetooth as well as Sonos' proprietary multiroom system.

sonos era 100 next to a turntable

The Sonos Era 100 replaces the ever-popular Sonos One in the company's lineup, with the main improvements being stereo sound and a new touch control bar. The Era 100 also offers auxiliary-in support for the first time at this level with the optional $20 Sonos Line-In Adapter.

Next up: The spiritual successor to the old Sonos Play:3, the Sonos Era 300 is a completely redesigned speaker that now includes Dolby Atmos support. The 300 is a much larger speaker than the 100 and includes dedicated stereo drivers as well as height speakers. The 300 now also includes a built-in calibration routine called Quick Tune -- which uses the onboard "smart" microphones -- in addition to the existing iOS Trueplay system.

sonos era 300 on a credenza

The two smart speakers will include Amazon Alexa and Sonos Voice support at launch while Google Assistant will be coming later.

Both Era speakers can be used as a stereo pair or as rears in a Sonos home cinema setup, and the Sonos Era 300 will enable rear height capabilities as well for a full 5.2.4 arrangement (if you add two matching subs). 

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Given the increased availability of spatial music there are still only a handful of tabletop Atmos speakers, including the $249 Amazon Echo Studio and $300 Apple HomePod. Meanwhile there are a number of Atmos soundbars with models from Vizio, Bose and Sonos.

I heard the speakers at a Sonos event in downtown Manhattan and found that the Sonos Era 100 offered surprisingly full bass for a small speaker. As it was a small -- and packed -- room it was hard to hear any stereo effects though. But there were no such issues with the Era 300 with a broad, expansive sound reminiscent of the Sonos Beam.

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The Sonos Era 100 and Era 300 will be available starting March 28. Look out for reviews on CNET for both speakers later this month!