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Sonos Playbase gets $150 stand for TVs that won't fit

Accessories manufacturer Sanus -- not to be confused with Sonos -- has a new TV stand that allows your sound base to fit underneath your TV.


As the most popular multiroom speaker, the market for third-party Sonos accessories is thriving. The Sanus TV Base for the just-announced Sonos Playbase joins other add-ons including skins, wall mounts and even a turntable.

Ordinarily you wouldn't need this stand, as your TV should just sit on top of the speaker, but you could run into trouble if your TV has short legs at each end and not a centralized stand. The $150 (about £125 or AU$200) swivelling TV base is designed to sit on your media unit and give the appearance your TV is floating above your brand new Playbase. It'll hold up TVs up to 60 pounds (27 kg) in weight.

The TV Base has a standard VESA mount and simply screws into the back of your TV (most TVs are VESA-compliant). While the stand was purportedly designed in partnership with Sonos, Sanus says the height is adjustable by up to 8 inches which means it should also fit other sound bases as well.