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Sling DVR adds Fox channels, new features

Sling DVR users are now able to record channels such as Fox Sports and FX while also getting new recording features.


Sling has announced that users are now able to record Fox programs on its cloud-based DVR service including Fox Local, Fox Sports 1, Nat Geo and FX. 

The company says that If the recording is available from Fox on demand, users will directed to the on-demand content instead.

In addition users are now able to "protect" recordings from being deleted, organize their recordings into folders and record a franchise from its main screen.

With the addition of Fox, users are now able to record most broadcast content with only ABC, Disney and ESPN still holding out.

Sling DVR is available on the Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets, Android OS and TV, Apple TV and Roku.

Sling announced its DVR service late last year, hours before DirecTV was due to unveil its own Now service. It's also a competitor to other services such as Sony's PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV.