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Slacker Premium Radio to offer on-demand music

Online radio provider Slacker is adding another new feature to its streaming music service: on demand. Premium Radio subscribers will be able to select individual songs for playback and mobile device caching.

Slacker Premium Radio

Slacker Radio first launched in 2007 as an intuitive online music player that let you stream a variety of preprogrammed and custom-made radio stations based on your favorite artists and songs. Since then, the service has added a continuous array of new features, from its own short-lived devices to apps for your Blackberry and iPhone to Twitter feed functionality. Tonight at an event in New York, Slacker, Inc. will show off its latest offering: Premium Radio.

Slacker Premium Radio will offer all the features of Radio Plus--no ads, no skip limits, mobile station caching--with the added benefit of on-demand functionality. For those not in the know, this will pit Slacker against the likes of Rhapsody by allowing subscribers to request specific songs and build their own custom playlists. And as with Rhapsody, you will be able to save this music to your iOS, Android, or BlackBerry device. The service is competitively priced at $9.99 and will be available starting in October.