Slacker comes to Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile 6.5 gets added to the list of mobile operating systems that support the Slacker Radio app.

Jasmine France Former Editor

It's time to add Windows Mobile to the list of portable operating systems that now support a Slacker app. The Internet radio provider announced this week that the portable version of Slacker Radio is now available for devices running version 6.5 of the OS. The new HD2 from HTC will be preloaded with the software, but those using other devices can download it easily by visiting Slacker's Web site directly from the phone's Web  browser.

Slacker Radio for Windows Mobile isn't really much different from what its apps for other portable devices, such as the iPhone, Palm Pre and Pixi, and the BlackBerry. Like the one for the iPhone, the Windows version does not allow caching  at this time, so you will need to be connected to stream music. You get access to more than 120 professionally programmed and customizable genre stations, can view nearly full-screen album art and artist bios, and have the option to favorite and ban tracks in order to fine-tune stations to your liking.