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Sky showing all 22 Bond movies ad-free in HD from October

Sky will be showing all 22 Bond movies, in HD and free from rubbish ad-breaks, from October.

Good news, Bond enthusiasts, Sky has acquired the rights to show all 22 movies in HD and without ruinous ad breaks later this year -- a feat which the broadcaster reckons is a first for UK telly.

As well as showing on Sky Movies Showcase HD, the films will be popping up on Sky's on-demand service, and will also be viewable on the move via Sky Go.

The airing will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the franchise, marking half a century since 5 October 1962, when Sean Connery faced Dr No on the silver screen, with the former retiring the latter in a vat of coolant.

The upcoming 23rd movie, Skyfall, won't be arriving on Sky Box Office until the spring of next year. But Bond aficionados will be chuffed to learn that alongside the 22 'proper' movies, Sky will also be showing the 1967 Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again on Showcase HD.

While Bond is an iconic figure, the franchise hasn't been all hits. For every Pierce Brosnan falling into a plane there's a Pierce Brosnan's invisible car, and for each classic theme tune like Tom Jones' Thunderball rendition there's a duffer in the shape of Madonna's Die Another Day. And what's up with The Man with the Golden Gun spoiling one of the best car stunts ever with a daft sound effect?!

Still, I'm looking forward to seeing the movies without ad breaks, even if some of the longer Roger Moore efforts are best enjoyed when interspersed with frequent trips to make tea.

If you're not a Sky customer, don't despair -- HD renditions of the Bond movies will be available on Blu-ray from October.

Will you be tuning in? And which -- in your opinion -- is the best Bond gadget? We also have a thread running on our Facebook wall regarding the best Bond song, so get involved.