Sky partners with Netflix to offer combined streaming packages

Customers of both Sky Q and Netflix will receive a single, slightly reduced bill.

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Katie Collins
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Netflix and Sky.


Q subscribers are in for an early Christmas present when the broadcaster starts bundling Netflix  with other TV packages in November.

Sky is rolling its current Box Sets package, worth £5 per month, in with Netflix, worth £8 per month, to form one new service it's calling Ultimate On Demand, the company said on Wednesday. Sky will charge £10 per month for Ultimate On Demand, which will be an extra for Sky Q customers, on top of their existing £20 per month subscription.

The package will launch along with deeper Netflix integration that will see Sky present Netflix shows alongside its own content from the Sky Q interface. At launch, Netflix shows will be incorporated into Sky Q's text search function, with voice search coming at a later date.


Netflix shows will appear on the Sky Q home screen, as well as in featured content.


A partnership between Sky and Netflix will likely be celebrated by existing customers of both services, and may encourage Sky Q customers who don't currently use Netflix to embrace it. Consumers frequently have to pay subscriptions to multiple streaming services in order to get access to the TV shows and films they want to see. Partnerships between companies can offer discounts and combined billing, which is attractive to customers seeking a broader choice of viewing options.

Ultimate on Demand provides access to Netflix's standard plan, which offers HD content and streaming to two devices. Customers subscribing to the broadcaster's premium Sky Q Experience plan, which costs an additional £12 per month, will get also get access to Netflix's premium plan. This includes all Ultra HD content and doubles the number of device streams to four.

Sky will sort out the billing for you if you're already a Netflix customer. All you need to do is provide Sky with the email address you use to sign in to your Netflix account. Sky will cancel your current Netflix payment and will add it to your Sky Q bill. A rolling 31-day contract means you can cancel at any time.

Netflix integration isn't arriving until November, but you can register your interest starting Wednesday with Sky.