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Sky+ HD = Sky 3D? TV bigwig hints at 3D by end of year

Sky's chief engineer has suggested the Sky+HD box's ability to handle 3D signals could be taken advantage of as early as this year, as the company looks to develop its own 3D content

Sky's chief engineer, Chris Johns, has hinted we could see Sky television in 3D by the end of this year, Rapid TVNews reports -- much sooner than previously suggested.

Speaking at the annual Digital Television Group conference, Johns said Sky is planning to "build a content library over the coming year". Although we'll see a flood of 3D films this year, we think this will largely involve sport, as this is the kind of content that both lends itself to existing three-dimensional technology and is relatively easy for Sky to act as a content provider. And of course there's the Olympics not so far away, which could be a great showcase for the technology.

Cameras with two lenses, to simulate the effect of the human eye, have already been pointed at sporting events, with the results shown off by Sky in technical demonstrations. 3D footage involves video from each lens being played in alternate frames, with the TV and glasses worn by the wearer causing the brain to combine each frame to simulate a 3D effect.

Sky is trumpeting that this is within the capability of the existing Sky+ HD box, which yesterday gained a new interface. Current Sky HD viewers will need to shell out again for a 3D-ready TV, however.

3D is barrelling out of the screen towards us, as Odeon cinemas get 3D projection this year. And while we get excited about bonkers tech like a possible Red 3D camera, we're still stroking Sceptical Cat about 3D in the home. And yes, you will need the glasses.