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Sky+HD 2TB box with Wi-Fi makes the sky the limit

The new Sky+HD box has a whopping 2TB of storage and Wi-Fi, so the sky's the limit for recording and watching online.

If you just haven't got enough space for all that lovely telly you want to record, the sky is now the limit -- because the new Sky+HD box has a whopping 2TB of storage.

The new Sky+HD boxes are available now, and come with built-in Wi-Fi to connect you seamlessly to Sky's online on-demand and catch-up services.

The box with the most storage offers a huge 2TB of legroom: 1.5TB for you to record up to 350 hours of high-definition films and TV, and 0.5TB filled with highlights from the On Demand service selected for your perusal by Sky.

Sky's online services include watching movies and TV from Sky Movies, Sky Store, Sky On Demand, and Catch Up TV to see stuff you might have missed over the last month. These services let you watch films and TV episodes whenever you want -- no matter who provides your broadband -- and are free with your Sky package, with the individual stuff you can watch depending on which deal you have.

20 new channels are also being added to Catch Up TV over this year, including Discovery, Dave, Gold and Cartoon Network.

The new Wi-Fi 2TB box costs an eye-watering £250 for new customers, plus a £30 set-up charge. It's £150 if you're a new or existing customer opting for an HD package or Entertainment Extra+ TV subscription. Existing customers upgrading to the Entertainment Extra+ TV or adding a Multiroom package get a 2TB box for a marginally more palatable £50.

If you want to experience the wonderful world of Sky's online delights but don't want to fork out for a new box, you may be eligible to plug your existing box into your Wi-Fi without shelling out a penny.

If you've never used Sky's online services, you should have recently received a letter from Sky telling you about them, and offering you a free £21.95 Wi-Fi adaptor to plug into your current Sky+ box and connect it to your home broadband network.

Are you tempted by the new Sky box? Is Sky the best TV service, or are Virgin Media, BT Vision or YouView better value? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook wall.