Sky Go Android app on tablets in December, except Kindles

Sky Go goes all the way to Android tablets on 3 December -- but not Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets.

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Sky Go goes all the way to Android tablets on 3 December. Sky's catch-up and on-demand app finally makes it to the full range of Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus and other Android slates -- but not Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets.

Sky has delayed the long-awaited launch of the Android app until next month to "address some streaming issues identified during the beta trial."

Revealing the release date on the Sky customer forums, representatives of the dish-based broadcaster also promise the Android app will have the same features as the iOS version for the iPhone and iPad, so you can soon be as happy as the chap pictured above when you're watching Sky shows wherever you go.

The new app will work on any Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and above, except for the Asus Transformer TF101 and Amazon tablets. The TF101 misses out because of "unresolvable streaming issues," but the Amazon Kindle Fire and its ilk apparently miss out for other reasons. Sky and Amazon haven't responded yet to questions about the reason for the app's absence from Kindles.

The Kindle Fire tablets run a heavily-customised version of Android designed to steer users to Amazon's movies and music and other content, as well as the rival Lovefilm film and TV streaming service owned by Amazon.

The latest version of the Kindle Fire HDX went on sale today, for £199. 

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