Sky Glass TV ditches the dish and puts everything in the telly (including Netflix)

The all-in-one Sky Glass line-up doesn't even need a set-top box, and you can spread the cost over your monthly Sky bills.

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Sky Glass TV

Sky Glass TV


When you think of Sky, you think of a dish (or at the very least a box). Not any more: UK broadcaster has created Sky Glass, a line of 4K TVs with all the hardware and software rolled into the telly itself. Oh, and you can pay for it with a contract like you do with your mobile phone.

The 4K Sky Glass TVs connect directly to your internet to stream Sky TV into British living rooms, directed by a voice-controlled Sky remote control. You don't even need a Sky Q set-top box.

Sky Glass goes on sale Oct. 18, and you can pre-register now.

Sky Glass come in three sizes: 43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch. While you're at it, choose from white, pink, green, blue or good old-fashioned black.

Like a mobile phone, you have the choice of paying a lump sum up front or spreading the cost over your Sky contract for 24 or 48 months. Remember to factor in which Sky packages you want on top, however, such as Sky Ultimate TV (a basic package that also includes Netflix), Sky Sports for football and Sky Cinema for the latest movies.

Sky Glass TV

Sky Glass TV


Here's how much the Sky Glass models cost:

  • The 43-inch model is £649 upfront, £26 a month over two years, or £13 each month over four years.
  • The 55-inch model is £849 upfront, £34 a month over two years, or £17 each month over four years.
  • The 65-inch model is £1,049 upfront, £42 a month over two years, or £21 each month over four years.

As well as Sky's own channels and services, the TV includes the BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney Plus, Spotify and Peloton apps. It boasts Ultra HD Quantum Dot screen plus Dolby Atmos sound with built-in speakers and sub-woofer.

Sky also revealed a small Sky Stream puck-shaped device for streaming TV to other tellies around your house. It costs £50 followed by £10 a month on top of your bill. 

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