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Sirius to launch Springsteen channel

The satellite-radio company brings in The Boss.

Sirius, the satellite-radio company, on Tuesday said it has plans to unveil an exclusive commercial-free radio channel for "The Boss." The channel, Bruce Springsteen.E Street Radio, was named after the singer's famous band. It is expected to go live on Nov. 1, about two weeks before Columbia Records plans to release a re-mastered version of Springsteen's 30-year-old album, "Born To Run."

The channel, scheduled to run through January 31, 2006, will feature an interview of Springsteen by radio host Dave Marsh, who has authored two books on the 55-year-old singer. In addition, E-Street Radio expects to play some rarities, such as recordings of Bruce Springsteen from early 1973, track-by-track album discussions, behind-the-scenes insights, and conversations with the band members.